Connected Accessory Products

Our wide range of accessories ensure that our system is compatible with  vehicles of all shapes, sizes and specifications. Whether you need an add-on for your DVR , a long cable to run your cameras, or an external monitor for video playback, weve got you covered.


We offer a full range of high-quality monitors designed to give the driver of any vehicle the best possible view of their surroundings. Ideal for vehicles without a display or as an add-on if the display is already in use, our monitors are the perfect way to quickly upgrade your entire fleet, reduce the risk of costly incidents and improve driver safety. We currently provide a range of standard & touchscreen solutions for all purposes, from replacement and clip on mirror solutions, to durable dash-mount displays up to 7” and with inputs for up to 4 cameras.

Cables & Connectors

When choosing your package, our range of cables and connectors ensure that the products you have selected will work seamlessly with your chosen vehicle/s. With extension cables available between 1m (3ft) and 20m (66ft), it’s simple to install cameras anywhere on any vehicle and our range of adapters allows for an optimal transition between all major connector types.

Storage & Caddies

As the foundation for your system, it is important to keep the DVR in each vehicle safe and secure at all times. Additional DVR hard drive caddies are available to enable you to quickly swap a hard drive so you can access the data whilst keeping your vehicle on the road. All DVR hard drive caddies are heated to ensure your hard drive can operate at the ideal temperature preventing failure when the conditions inside the cab become too cold. We also offer replacement SD (256GB) and HDD (1TB & 2TB) storage solutions for our DVRs which can be used to upgrade storage capacity for footage if required