Connected Camera Products

View the road through the driver’s eyes with our range of cameras. Designed to provide a comprehensive view of the vehicle and improvedriver performance, you can reduce the risk of accidents and help prove what happened in the event of an incident. Our range features a solution for all angles, including many variants of front-facing, rear view, side-view and internal cameras to provide you with exactly the view you need at all times.

Front Facing

Don’t rely on tracking data alone – a quality front-facing camera allows you to get behind the wheel of your entire fleet and see things remotely from the driver’s perspective, providing a much more accurate way to interpret a situation.

Rear Facing

A rear-facing camera will aid in reversing when connected to a DVR will keep a high-quality record of any incidents which may occur behind your vehicle whilst stationary or on the move.

Side Facing

Gain coverage of your vehicle’s blind spots with our side-facing cameras, designed to alert the driver to hazards or dangers in the lanes and lower the risk of a costly incident.

Driver Facing

Our compact driver-facing cameras can be fitted almost anywhere in the cab to provide a high-quality view of the interior for the driver’s safety.