Getting DVS Ready With EchoMaster

Launched in October 2019 and applicable for all vehicles over 12 tonnes from October 26th 2020, the Direct Vision Standard has been designed to improve road safety on the streets of Greater London for pedestrians, cyclists and other vunerable road users by measuring how much an HGV driver can see directly through their cab windows.


DVS Star Rating & Safe System

All HGV operators need to apply for a permit for their vehicles, and will be granted a permit if each vehicle meets the minimum DVS star rating. If your vehicle does not meet the minimum DVS star rating, you will need to make your vehicle safer by fitting it with Safe System improvements. What you need to know about DVS star ratings and Safe System improvements.

By increasing the overall visibility from WITHIN all vehicles over 12 tonnes, and minimising blindspot areas AROUND the vehicle, EchoMaster can help your fleet acheive DVS compliance. With a comprehensive range high-quality, innovative camera, monitor and warning alarm systems available and compatible alongside our Connected Platform, EchoMaster can ensure not only you acheive compliance, but that you stay compliant in the future.



Direct Vision Standard – THE FACTS

  • From October 26th 2020, all lorries over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight need to hold a valid permit to operate in Greater London.
  • The scheme will be enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • After October 26th 2020 it will be unlawful to operate within this zone with a valid permit.
  • The DVS objectively measure a driver’s direct view through the windows of an HGV cab and issue a star rating from zero (poor) to five (excellent), which indicates the level of risk to people walking and cycling near the vehicle.


From 26 October 2020, if you drive an HGV within Greater London without a valid permit you may receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) of up to £550 (reduced to £275 if paid within 14 days).

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EchoMaster have designed a series of DVS compliant product solutions kits specifically for a range of vehicles affected by the Direct Vision Standard.

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